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7 June 2021

Guglielmo Sallustio, who leads our office in Milan, announced today that Apis has now officially rebranded as Friisberg & Partners International, Italy in recognition of its growing traction in both its Italian and International markets.

Guglielmo said, “We are excited to enter our next phase as Friisberg, Italy. We will, of course, continue to offer the same client-centric approach and meet the growing needs of our clients as we deliver strategic talent solutions at senior and executive level across a wide variety of sectors and geographies. After successfully building our service offering and reputation, we’re proud to align fully with Friisberg, which embodies our modern vision and direction. We’re excited to see what the future holds for us as we build on our established position as thought leaders on leadership in Italy. The benefits to our clients and candidates are immense. Our expanded team of consultants offer greater industry experiences, additional sector specialists and an even more extensive network across Europe, and beyond.”

Friisberg & Partners International operates in highly competitive and fast-moving global markets. Our core values are discretion, commitment and integrity and it’s crucial to our clients that these values are inherent and evident in every aspect of our business; having a strong brand that conveys these values is an important part of ensuring this. As a unified firm, we provide an unparalleled end to end talent solution, without borders, for our clients.

Zoltan Petho, Chair of Friisberg & Partners International, welcomed the rebrand, “Friisberg remains focused on its strategy to expand and innovate to connect clients to talent, internationally. We have made it our purpose to grow with our clients, as individuals and as a team, and this news from Italy confirms our growing significance in European Executive Search.”

The expansion of Friisberg & Partners International is going from strength to strength. It is a philosophy of ‘collective intelligence’ that truly sets us apart as a consultancy-led search firm and enables us to provide unparalleled service to our clients. That we work for a client, together, across multiple Friisberg offices, is one of the many reasons why our clients choose us.


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