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EU/UK Trade Post-Brexit

The UK is still a vitally important marketplace for many EU businesses. Post-Brexit it is already clear that trade between the EU and the UK is now much more difficult.

Our extensive UK market knowledge, coupled with detailed research and discrete professionalism, leads to the identification and introduction of the people and business partners now imperative for EU businesses to succeed in the UK.

With UK offices in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham, together with dozens of offices in major cities across the EU, Friisberg is ideally placed to help you adjust your business to the post-Brexit realities of trade with our friends – and your customers – in the UK.

Since 1977, Friisberg has been working with international clients on cross-border assignments, so you can be confident that our expertise and experience will deliver the outcomes you need, when you need them most.

Friisberg can help EU businesses with UK interests continue to trade successfully. We support our clients in many ways, but the two most relevant post-Brexit services we offer are:

Executive Search

  • Finding the “in-country” leadership and senior management for your business interests in the UK.

Business Partner Search

  • Finding agents, representatives, distributors, M&A targets and Joint Venture partners in UK markets.

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