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Case Study BioTech

Executive Search

European Bio-Technology Company

Head of Research & Development



We were tasked with appointing a highly accomplished Head of Research & Development on behalf of a well-established bio-tech pharmaceutical company which is oriented towards innovation and development. This was a key priority for the business, as it was anticipated that the success of the role would fundamentally impact the extent to which it achieved its aim of manufacturing effective and safe medicinal products and high-quality biological active substances for many years.  However, in order to fully capitalise on market opportunities, the Company needed to significantly expand its current portfolio while developing new techniques and technologies to remain competitive. Following our in-depth analysis of market challenges faced by the company and verification of the resources at its disposal, the new management decided to reinvent its Research & Development function, and as such sought to appoint a new Head of Research & Development in its Headquarters.


Whilst our brief was to help appoint a new Head of Research & Development, we were also tasked with identifying pipelines of talent for future research and development requirements at a variety of levels. Our response was to identify ‘high potentials’ and build long-term relationships with them to ensure that they would seriously consider our client as a future employer.  We mapped teams across Europe, before approaching them, either as potential candidates or as speculative future hires, and progressed discussions as appropriate.

In addition to research activity, we also placed a series of advertisements, online and in scientific journals and publications. We launched creative, unbranded advertisements, in order to attract interest from individuals who wouldn’t normally consider joining our client.


  • We successfully introduced a first-class, high-calibre Head of Research & Development from another market-leading business in Europe.
  • We introduced our client’s firm to a new pipeline of potential candidates who were both flattered and intrigued by our speculative ‘talent tracking’ approach.
  • We furnished our client with real insight into their brand value and the popular perceptions that existed in industry at that time.
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