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Thorsten Marquardt works with companies in the energy industry and across industries in digital business. He focuses on top executive recruitments for publicly as well as privately owned customers, private equity firms and family offices as well as start-ups. He advises the organizations and their boards along the entire value chain upstream, midstream and downstream in creating and strengthening effective top executive leadership teams who manage the sector-coupled energy transformation and digitization.

Thorsten has extensive knowledge of the international energy industry from more than 15 years in various management and executive functions in the E.ON group.

Thorsten studied business economics in Hamburg and started off with BP in the oil business. He then joined E.ON where he first became Energy Trader and later Managing Director at Stadtwerke Minden. He spent 3 years in Sweden with business development. He gathered international Renewable Energy experience as Director of Public Affairs for the Desertec project before he founded and led the E.ON start-up incubator :agile as CEO and fostered innovation and cultural transformation in the E.ON Group.

Before he joined Friisberg & Partners International he worked as Director of Innovation at s.Oliver and Managing Director in Retailtech Hub, a joint venture of MediaMarkt, Saturn and Silicon Valley-based Plug & Play, where he was driving innovation in retail.

Thorsten is based in Munich, where he lives with his family.

He is a passionate football fan and loves the mountains, where he indulges in hiking, biking, skiing and spending time with friends.


  • Automotive
  • Consumer / Retail /eCommerce
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • IT / Digital / SaaS
  • Leisure / Entertainment
  • Real Estate / Property


  • Non-Executive
  • Board
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • IT / Systems
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Projects
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain

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