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We Asked Our Partners

What lessons have businesses learned from this Pandemic?

Peter Strandberg
Friisberg & Partners Sweden

The situation has forced all organisations to rethink policies, for example travel and from where one can work effectively. Working from different locations means of course that the infrastructure must be in place, but how it is structured, organised and managed might need to change too. In terms of the efficacy of the leaders and the way their performance will now be measured means that some managers will adapt but some will not and may need to be replaced.

What we took for granted all over the world before the pandemic, such as face to face meetings, have mostly been replaced with virtual calls. Companies have amended the way they go to market using all sorts of new technology and have to be organised accordingly. People are learning quickly because right now they have to – they are learning by ‘doing’ and not from ‘education’ this will inevitably elicit a much better uptake and sustain these behaviours better than any training that might have been forced upon them! To our surprise we have discovered that looking again at the way we conduct our own business might just make our own impact and contributions even better.

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