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We Asked Our Partners

What lessons have businesses learned from this Pandemic?

Nevena Nikolova
Friisberg & Partners Bulgaria

The COVID 19 pandemic has catalysed the digital transformation trends across all sectors. Even the most conservative ones are changing their business models and ways of working as the technologies have suddenly been repositioned from potential opportunity to their only salvation.

Due to the forced rise of the contact-free economy various online sales channels have been established or quickly developed. HR impacts are mainly related to the increased trend of automation as well as the expansion of remote working practices. The pandemic related restrictions allowed a massive “hot test” of the work-from-home concept and the major finding was that it worked significantly better than expected. There are clear indications that some of our client companies are planning to keep remote working as an unlimited option for their employees in the post-pandemic world while others have already started shedding offices.

The crisis has boosted an intense learning process both at an organisational and individual level. Business managers have experienced an unparalleled stretch and many of them reported the feeling of enormous personal and professional growth over just a couple of months.

Last but not least, the pandemic has stimulated organisations to reconsider who they are and to reinvent their offerings in a bold and innovative way.

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