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We Asked Our Partners

How are business leaders planning for the new normal?

Mary Keane
Friisberg & Partners Czechia

Clients we’ve spoken to all agree that lessons are still being learned from this ever-evolving situation.

The depth of social and economic impact of this pandemic is still very difficult to assess, leaving business leaders here in the Czech Republic with too many unknowns to make feasible plans and reliable forecasts.

We still do not know the actual pace of easing restrictions, the parameters of various government programs to help businesses recover and the developments in countries which are key trading partners.

To succeed in the ‘new normal’, leaders and their teams need to be able to sense and quickly respond to changes. The crisis has highlighted that plans are necessary but not sufficient in this turbulent and uncertain environment. Key to ensure success is to identify strong, resilient and adaptive leaders who can bring teams together towards a common purpose.

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