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We Asked Our Partners

What lessons have businesses learned from this Pandemic?

Dorota Serwinska
Friisberg & Partners Poland

The full impact of the pandemic is not known yet, but we have noticed that some larger global firms have not had to react drastically so far. After a few weeks of chaos they established a new modus operandi and tried to maintain business.  The bigger impact is expected in the 3rd or even 4th quarter of the year when effects might be more painful.

Some necessary changes and adaptions to the new circumstances, such as working remotely, have been implemented by most of our clients. It is becoming a common phenomenon and creates new managerial needs. The big issues are now to maintain efficiency, to build up morale and employee motivation.

Many of our clients underlined that the engagement and determination of their teams to get things done is really high. People are working on changing the whole operational model, changing/adapting processes and procedures, etc. This requires new competences, such as openness for a change, agile approach, innovation and creativity.

Designing effective channels of communication is also vitally important to ensure that everybody is on the same page because they do not spend informal time together now.

People are in fact working more, starting their days earlier, but working long-hours means they begin to experience screen time fatigue. They are “at work” all day and some now desperately want a return to well-defined office/home boundaries.

It seems clear that the changes introduced now will change the working environment for good. The pandemic is accelerating social trends and will inevitably influence working attitudes and habits. Every employers’ focus is currently on providing safe environments for their employees – this is their priority.

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