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We Asked Our Partners

How will business change for the better following Covid-19?

Árpád Németh
Friisberg & Partners Hungary

In Hungary, many businesses face the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world will not be the same as before, but there are some positive changes that can be applied to our “new life”.

Many business will continue to operate in the future in a way more flexible than before. Home office or remote working is already seen on a much larger scale. The employees have to adapt to new habits, different daily routines and faster responses to any requests. Furthermore, companies are overhauling their IT infrastructure, introducing further digitalized processes which may actually elicit a more efficient result for the business and these applications and technical solutions will make our work/life balance easier.

However employees themselves are facing new challenges due to these changing social/technical environments. Friisberg & Partners International supports its clients by evaluating and measuring people working remotely using Friisberg Network Advisory’s IT tool. This enables the decision makers to view their organisation from different angles, including employee relations working remotely.

The focus on the well-being of employees has become more important despite having less live contacts. All companies strive to stay positive and create a better atmosphere for their colleagues.

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