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We Asked Our Partners

How are business leaders planning for the new normal?

Alexander Matthies
Friisberg & Partners Germany

Business Leaders must have maximum flexibility, agility and resilience to navigate through this pandemic.

Some Industries like Aircraft or Automotive face a decrease of 40 to 60%. For the next few years they expect difficult times. Automotive OEMs are slowly resuming production and as sales numbers in China are getting better there is more positivity.

FMCG / Luxury / Retail: The impact on Consumer Goods is quite different. The ‘new normal’ means tougher hygiene standards in all Malls, Stores and Boutiques with different rules and regulations in each Federal State.

Food, eCommerce and basic goods are booming, while non-food and textile retail are facing tough times. In the Fashion Industry even the big players with plenty of stores are fighting to survive, but sadly some will not.

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