Friisberg Welcomes US Firm Gilbert Tweed as Partners

06 December 2018

Friisberg & Partners International Welcomes U.S. Firm Gilbert Tweed International as Partners


Friisberg & Partners International has new partners in the U.S. Gilbert Tweed International is the latest firm to be elected into the partnership, forming a 40-office global executive search group.


Founded in 1977, Friisberg & Partners International has been one of the most respected names in Executive Search for over 40 years. It fast becoming a truly global firm with partners recently joined in the established and growth economies of Africa, India and South America.


Gilbert Tweed International, a U.S. retained executive search firm, has offices throughout the East Coast from Boston to Palm Beach.  The firm specialises in C-Suite executives in consumer, pharmaceutical, financial services, technology, industrial and energy markets.


It was clear to the leadership of both Friisberg and Gilbert Tweed that together synergies could be readily found, and mutual advantage realised. The combination of both firms works to the benefit of customers.  The new collaboration can guarantee truly worldwide reach and inclusion in the market for C-suite and executive appointments.


Peter Standberg, Chairman of Friisberg, commented, “Globalization has been the primary driver behind business investment for many years. In what is now a world economy, where corporates increasingly compete for internationally experienced leadership, there can be no reason and no excuses for dislocations between one geographical market and the rest. With consistent and high-quality search now possible across four continents Friisberg, with Gilbert Tweed as a partner, offers our clients access to the executives they need to succeed, wherever they are.”


Janet Tweed, founder of Gilbert Tweed added, “This is a big step forward. We are delighted with this arrangement. It is a clear statement of intent; that we are determined to offer our clients the same level of commitment and results in Europe as they already get in the US – and, of course, the same is true for Friisberg’s European clients here in the US too.”



Janet Tweed

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